Izmir Governorship (COORDINATOR)

IZMIR VALILIGI (Izmir Governorship – EU and Foreign Relations Bureau)

Izmir Governorship is a local public authority that coordinates all activities, such as education, health, security, environment, public works, culture, tourism etc. in the province. The EU & Foreign Relations Bureau, established in 2007, which is a sub-unit of Izmir Governorship works with the aim to increase awareness on the EU accession period. The office develops multilateral European projects on school and adult education, culture, social inclusion, employment and entrepreneurship, migration, entegration of migrants and refugees, health and wellbeing, sport, youth and youth workers and etc. As a governmental organization it also provides free guidance and counseling services for organizations working on youth, women, adult education, inclusion, empowerment of disadvantaged groups, health tourism and etc. Izmir Governorship has connection with all other public authorities such as Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Provincial Directorate of Education, Provincial Directorate of Health, Provincial Directorate of Family, Employment and Social Affairs, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sport etc. Provincial Directorate of Migration is the sub-unit of Izmir Governorship.

At national level İzmir Governorship EU Office has also connection with the Ministry of EU Affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the EU level İzmir Governorship EU Office has previous cooperations with many organizations from different European countries.

Izmir Governorship has a Quality Assessment Department to follow-up the effectiveness of all services providing.

Main Goals And Projects

The services provided by Izmir Governorship -European Union and Foreign Relations Office can be listed following main topics:

a- Promotion and Dissemination Activities

EU and other international project calls are promoted through Izmir Governorship European Union and Foreign Relations Bureau’s web site, social media accounts (facebook and twitter) and the meetings, conferences and etc. attended on behalf of Bureau.

b- Education and Training Activities

Izmir Governorship – EU & Foreign Relations Bureau provides Project Cycle Management trainings. These trainings usually last 3 days and participants learn how to write an Erasmus+ project with simulations.

c- Guidance and Counseling Activities

The Bureau provides free guidance and counseling services as public service through phone, e-mail and face to face meetings regarding mainly EU projects but also for other fundings.

d- Project Activities

Many projects have been prepared by our experts on different subjects mainly on education, rural development, youth and sustainable social development, migrants and refugees, employment and entrepreneurship.

e- Team: Izmir Governorship has 256 personnel. Currently, EU and Foreign Relations Bureau have 4 project specialists and being directed by the Chief Clerk. The office reports to deputy governor responsible from EU Affairs.

f- Eurodesk Contact Point: Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Bureau is an Eurodesk contact point. Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them.

g- H2020 Information Multiplier System: Izmir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Bureau takes part in H2020 information multiplier system. The Bureau provides free guidance and counselling for the all institutions regarding H2020 and European Frame Programs