Izmir Chamber of Commerce

Izmir Chamber of Commerce – IZTO

Izmir Chamber of Commerce is the 2nd largest Chamber of Turkey with 70.000 members. Our members are classified into 79 Professional Committees according to their area of functions (NACE).


Main functions of our Chamber is to strengthen professional work ethic, develop trade, compile information and news concerning trade and forward them to the related people, carry out the functions required by law and the Ministry of Trade, make suggestions to the Ministries, Provinces and Municipalities about the issues concerning professional activities, organize local or regional exhibitions; to participate in national and international fairs, to arrange professional training courses and to provide consultancy on foreign trade and EU topics.


In addition, as the Business Development Department we bring our members together with foreign delegations, organize various meetings and business missions abroad. Besides, the EU Division of our Department participated in several EU funded projects. Our Chamber would participate in the project activities especially in conferences and workshops and the Chamber would also provide the suggestions of the institutional companies and employers registered to our Chamber, in the formation of the vocational education curriculum.


Our Chamber is accredited since 1997 within the ISO 9000 Quality Management System.  Since that date all revisions regarding the standards have been implemented at our Chamber. Lately, our Chamber has been awarded with the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate, as the first institution and first Chamber. In parallel to this, our Chamber is also accredited with the Union of Turkish Chambers TOBB since 2005, and we also possess since 20014 the ISO 10002 Client Satisfaction Management System Certificate.


The EU Project Development and Monitoring Department of our Chamber organizes seminars on how to prepare EU funded projects to our seminars and works in order to prepare EU funded projects on behalf of our Chamber, both as coordinator and as projects partner as well.